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Fouquet´s grass greeting cards

Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel***** (Paris) created a concept of DIGNIFIED LUXURY©.This prestigious hotel is proud to be a pioneer in obtaining a triple certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000. To create this “Sustainable luxury” as state of mind, nothing seemed more appropriate than sending a 'Grass-to-Grow' greetings card in January 2010.

Pasquier´s olive trees

Personalised small Olive trees were given to the Pasquier employees to commemorate the Intern Communication Campaign. The objective was to promote the arrival of spring the eco-friendly position of the company. The meeting was taking place at the Geoffroy Guichard sports stadium, home of the St Etienne football club, a partner of the Pasquier Company


OMO, a washing powder from Unilever in a Cobranding opportunity with a bookshop chain and publishing company.
One promotional seed packet with rocket seeds ‘on-pack’ with every box of washing powder carrying the theme “The childhood garden”.
By participating in a competition the consumer was able to win a book of the same title from a well-known Danish author.
Both clients here were surprised and delighted by the very high response which could be measured by the internet activity.

Case study – Fundraising

The No Profit Fundraising Act was established to support medical and scientific research and to provide social activities for those in need. Thanks to the long term commitment and efforts from business and industry throughout Italy, as in other parts of Europe, a lot of these activities have been made possible. Plants, seeds and bulbs have all been used to great effect both as promotional items and in sales to enhance the success and awareness of this good work.
Since December 2004, OBI Italia, Europe’s largest DIY and Gardening retailer, has managed a fundraising event in support of the Italian Foundation for the fight against Neuroblastoma Onlus. The main objective of the Foundation is to support scientific research on Neuroblastoma and solid tumours in children.

The initiative called ‘Una Vite per la Vita’ (‘A Screw for a Life’), is a play on the words ‘A Life for a Life’ with the two words Vite and Vita so similar in Italian. Organised by OBI, this is a great example of how significant the use of nature can be in fundraising.
During the Christmas shopping season OBI donate 50 euro cents, from every sale to the Associazione Italiana per la Lotta al Neuroblastoma. This makes it very simple and efficient for every OBI customer to give their support, regardless of the size of their purchase. In recognition of their donation, every customer receives a special seed packet to grow seasonal flowers and remember their contribution.
Since its inception in 2004, Promo Seeds Italia have produced and supplied the seed packets and the flower seeds. Between 2004 and 2007 a total of 450.000 seed packets have been supplied, all fully personalised, printed 4 colour process with a design specially made for the event and filled with a different variety of flower seeds each year; Sunflower, Forget me not, Viola (Pansy) and Daisy. During these four years “Una Vite per La Vita” was able to collect and donate more than 350,000 Euros to the Neuroblastoma Medical Research.

In 2008, between the 19th and 21st December, OBI will use a new kind of seed pack, filled with Forget me not seeds and called “SeedBookMark”. These special packs have a dual function. At first glance it is a normal seed packet but thanks to the special vertical shape and filling technique, it is also a bookmark. Thanks to Promo Seeds innovative design and thinking, this special packet provides a longer lasting promotional message and respects the environment. After the seeds have been sown, the packet does not have to be thrown away as it can then be used as a traditional bookmark.

Special attention to the environment, social responsibility, essential help for children suffering serious illness, fundraising and management for medical and scientific research: An important program supported by a flower’s symbolical value.

Substral & Bosch

Promotional seed packets with two advertisers Less money = Greater effect Both partners have half of the costs with twice the attention. SUBSTRAL & BOSCH. A leading brand of liquid fertilizer and a leading manufacturer of garden tools and equipment have joined together in a single advertising campaign in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The SUBSTRAL bottles are used as an advertising post for a ‘Bottle-collar’ seed packet containing summer flowers, a little gift from both Bosch and Substral. The seed packet features information about the new range of garden equipment from Bosch. At the same time customers are given an opportunity to enter a competition to win Bosch tools from both Substral and Bosch company websites. The response was a pleasant surprise for both companies. Not only did a large number of customers visit the websites to enter the competition, but they also spent time browsing the site for more information about their products.

Lottery seedpacks

A giveaway with a dual purpose?
Yes, and here it is! Promo seeds can now offer bespoke seed packets each with a unique code (number/letter combination).
This means that you are not only handing out a ''green-grow'' pack, but also an additional opportunity for the recipient to participate in further promotional activity. This could be a competition or prize giveaway whereby the customer simply visits your website and verifies their code to see if they have won a prize.
Twice the value and twice the success for you and your campaign.
Please get in touch with us for more details.