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Substral & Bosch

Promotional seed packets with two advertisers Less money = Greater effect Both partners have half of the costs with twice the attention. SUBSTRAL & BOSCH. A leading brand of liquid fertilizer and a leading manufacturer of garden tools and equipment have joined together in a single advertising campaign in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The SUBSTRAL bottles are used as an advertising post for a ‘Bottle-collar’ seed packet containing summer flowers, a little gift from both Bosch and Substral. The seed packet features information about the new range of garden equipment from Bosch. At the same time customers are given an opportunity to enter a competition to win Bosch tools from both Substral and Bosch company websites. The response was a pleasant surprise for both companies. Not only did a large number of customers visit the websites to enter the competition, but they also spent time browsing the site for more information about their products.