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Seed Packets

A versatile, exciting and great value promotional item providing a direct link to nature and the environment. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the entire surface area of the packet can be personalised with the client's logo, message and details of their products and services. Select from an almost endless number of Flower, Vegetable, Herb and Tree seed varieties to provide an intelligent and appropriate link in support of your promotional message. Together with an excellent range of standard items which are usually available ex-stock, our modern manufacturing processes also allow us to offer fully personalised packets in low volumes and short lead-times.

Pop up garden

You cannot cultivate your own garden? Enjoy having this small garden at your window! When you open it, you discover your square garden with the available tools in 3D. Everything is ready to grow your own basil! Do not be afraid to damage the card: the paper is 100 % waterproof!

Spice & Nice

To see, to feel, to taste, to smell – nature provides wonderful herbs and spices to stimulate our senses. A large range of tasty products is at your disposal, such as the Spice Packs, which are small, sealed packs of PET/ALU/PE; they can be filled with herbs, spices or other pourable groceries. An exceptional and brand new give away are the Spice & Nice test tubes: they can be filled with all kinds of salt as well as small candies or tea – and have enough stability to stand on the desk of your customer thanks to a solid paper printed to your specifications. Our jelly jars can be ordered in different sizes filled with all types of spices and, of course, are branded individually.

Growing Kits

Whatever the concept and whatever the size, we will almost certainly be able to create a Growing Kit that meets your exact rquirements. From a simple miniature flower pot with seeds or bulbs to a comprehensive gardening kit including tools, plants and vases, everything is possible. With vast resources and a history dating back more than 100 years we have all the experience and creative knowhow to produce the perfect kit for your promotion or store. If time is of the essence or you simply wish to test your market audience, select from our wide range of standard items that can be with you from stock or in a matter of a few days.

Seed Mats

Unique promotional item available only through the Promo Seeds network. This wholly environmental product is formed from seeds which are gently held between two layers of biodegradable tissue plus a third layer of printed paper which carries your promotional message. The three layers are held together by compression making it unnecessary to use adhesives or other noxious substances in the manufacturing process. Seed Mats can be produced as small as a business card, large enough to form a ''carpet'' and also die-cut to a shape of your choice.